Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random thoughts

An article on the LDS Publisher blog this week not only made me think, but I got a good laugh out of it.

The blog post was about book club questions. Which I think are a good idea. I like to read them because it makes me think about what I just read. I have often thought about what I would write as book club questions myself. Then she added this paragraph: (copied straght from LDS Publisher)

As far as a book club kit, the more you provide, the better. You could do themed party ideas and provide suggestions for anything from decorations and invitations, to games and other activities, to refreshments and door prize ideas—your imagination is the limit.

This is an awesome idea too, I love books and to have a bash for one sounds like a grand plan. There is one thing that came to me that I just had to chuckle about. What ideas would you suggest I provide in regards to my book? Would we have a "Come as your favorite assassin?" party? Play musical weapons? Make the invitations in disapearing ink?

The thought made me laugh and I thought I'd share it with you. Post your ideas ( about either my book or yours) and the best idea will get a prize.


Cindy Beck, author said...

I liked your ideas, but maybe you should play "Musical Poisons." It'd be so much more interesting! (Ha, ha, only kidding. No point in poisoning the book club members 'cause they can't buy your book then! :)

Rebecca Talley said...

Love the musical poisons--reminds me of, "Princess Bride."

You could name your favorite assassin or play "Pin the Gun (or whatever weapon)on the Assassin." Or, "This is Your Life Mr. Assassin."

ali cross said...

What an awesome idea!

You could create a who done-it sort of party, using characters and settings from your book.

I hadn't put any thought into book club questions or party ideas, but really ... thanks for passing this along!

C. LaRene Hall said...

I've thought about this a lot and because of that my book signing party this Saturday is going to have refreshments and games that are mentioned in my book. The refreshments will include journey cakes, prickly pear jelly and buffalo jerky. Everyone is invited and you are welcome to come and see the games and eat the intersting food.

Rebecca and Nick said...

I like the disappearing ink idea!

Pendragon Inman said...

W: nice. Well, you can imagine some of MY suggestions. I'll spare you the space on your reply board. Of course, you'll have to play the "did you know" game, in all of its gruesome details.

bring your victim to work day :)

Anonymous said...

"hot potato" with a hand grenade?

followed closely by "pin the pin back in the grenade"

Dodge ball becomes Dodge Bullets

Of course, there's always the costume game where you start out dressed as an assassin, then race to see who can put on the prophet costume fastest

hmm. I'm sure I'll think of more given time...

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