Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weapons, of course.

Although it is not a requirement for Tang Soo Do lower belts (red and lower). Weapons training is required for red, blue, and black belts. That said, it doesnt mean that I am not interested in learning them.

this is the up close detail of the staff it's GEORGEOUS!!!!

I have gathered quite a few neat weapons that I love to practice with and have to show them off. This is my newest weapon my Jo staff. It is a beautiful weapon made of Apalacian Hicory. It is georgeous. Her name is Ritsu meaning rythmn.

Next is my Zatoichi cane sword. I like the straight make of this sword and the lack of the tsuba(hand guard). His name is Butoku meaning chivalry.

This is my bokken it is a wodden practice sword that you learn the movements with then substitute a live blade when you are much better then I am. No name havn't found one I like yet.

Here are two "just fun" weapons my Hisugaya sword and my dagger. And my "sticks" for a Tang red belt level. I did the decorating on the sticks I thought it would be fun.


Pendragon said...

sweeeeeeet. i recognize most of those :P i even know the names of your "sticks"!

Pendragon said...

oh yes, and i changed my name again. :P might be changing the pic for a while still

Anonymous said...

I think you're beginning to scare me..... LOL!!

Okay, okay - so I have a sword hanging around my house, too. You never know when one might just come in handy.

Pendragon said...

Ooooooo. Do tell wendy, what kind of sword? :)

should i go into the list of pointy things i have on my desk alone???

Shanna Blythe said...

Love your collection. I just have a bokkan and a staff for practice. But we don't do weapons the way you do. Very cool!

Pendragon said...

Oooo OOOoooo I have a bokkan! (tehehehhe) it's in my pic LOL

Noble M Standing said...

Wendy, If you wern't scared of me before it's too late now. Lemme guess its a mideval broad sword type right?

Thanks Shanna, I'm happy with my collection I dont think I'll add many more but I will definately add a bo-staff at a later date.
Is your's a bo or jo?

Pandragon yeah you know my sticks. I didnt know that they'd be so much fun I mean its a dowell cut in half. When are you coming back down hwere so we can practice some more?

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm just laughing ... you are the only person I know who would have "just fun" weapons. :)

Noble M Standing said...

Teehee! Well to be more descriptive, even tho the Hitsugaya sword and the dagger have edges they are not real weapons. (My hubby sharpened the dagger up nicely) The sticks are real weapons but I am not training with them yet. (Although in the phillipines they are very serious weapons.)

However, the Zatoichi sword, the bokken and the staff are real weapons and therefore i used the "just fun" tag.

What do you expect out of someone who writes assassins all day? LOL