Friday, July 3, 2009

Epithany (AKA apostrophe)

I use that word alot, but the word in itself is powerful.

As a writer I walk around open to almost everything. I see fantastic stories in the everyday world. I hear dialogue in my head and I have characters walk in a room, sit down, and start telling me thier story.

Wednesday night, my Kyo Sa Nim (instructor) started to tell us about the history of Tang Soo Do. The curious person that I am, I came home and started looking at the websites dealing with Tang and Korean Martial Arts history. Of course, it inspired me. I took many notes that I believe will help me with my book. Personally I love research and enjoy the process of making my book better.

The epithany I had this morning was amazing, to me at least. There are fables, and myths in history that explain the workings of the world. So. . . I know the people in my book and thier home planet have thier own history and myths I just haven't figured out what they are. Well, now I know I need to write my peoples history and thier own myths. I am sure it will help me, I know it will make my story better.

So, the next few days/weeks I will be a historian to the characters in my book. At least I have something for my daily goal for Tristi's July writing challenge.

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