Monday, December 10, 2007


Sometimes hindsight is 20/20... this is one of those times.

I turned a MS into Penguin/Amazon, a few months ago. I feel that it is a good MS and worthy of consideration for publication. However, a few weeks ago I picked up a book called the Yoga Bible from the library. There is a wealth of information in it about the spiritual side of Yoga. As I was reading the book I had an apostrophy. I have created a spiritual side of the training that my agents recieve. It's been like an accidental foreshadowing, the stuff that I read afterwards and say COOL! I did that?

Now my brain is churning, I am wanting to flesh out the small snippets of where Noble is training Lyris and add some of this "spiritual stuff" to deepen the story and characters. Add some internal dialogue from Lyris to give the reader more insight to her character. And create a "sprirtual/martial arts system" much like fantasy writers create a magic system or SF writers world build.

So my desire is now one of two things; that my MS doesnt make it into the finals so I can re-work it, or that if it makes it into the final round, that I have a willing editor that will let me deepen the MS and make it better. WHEW! that isn't much to ask is it? GRIN!


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