Thursday, December 27, 2007

Did you know I am a writer?

I heard a joke a while ago that when you are a writer you have to let everyone know so you can talk about your books with them....
"I'd like a quarterpounder with cheese and did you know I'm a writer?" was how it went.

Well everyone around me knows that I write, I don't do it on purpose but I end up telling everyone. Well today it might have paid off. My biological mom has read the first few chapters of my work in progress and loves it. Well she has a friend who is a publisher for a small publishing co. in Ut. He mainly deals with non fiction, but my mom told him about my MS and how much she liked it. He asked her when she could get him a copy of it.

So here I go today to the Post Office with a 334 pg. printed copy of my MS now polished till it shines! (dont even ask me how stupid my printer was being last night!)

I am taking a deep breath and walking out the door as soon as I hit send.

Wish me luck!!!


Weston Elliott said...

You go girl! Congrats and break a leg!

~paulette said...

course, your car hates you tho, doesn't it. Was it even created on earth? (if you catch the joke in that) It laughs in the moment of your panic...

in other words everyone, the car broke down on her way to the post-office, and now she has to wait till tomorrow. UGG! Meanwhile, congrats chelle :) remember to fill us in on what happens.


Michelle said...

K... car still dead, I woke up at o dark thirty to drive my DH to work so I could go to the post office and take my 6 yo to the dentist. So $10.10 later my MS and my DD's short story are in the mail.

I am realistically enthused. this might be what all the panic to finish it last year was for... :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats mom!!!! I hope you are happy. You did a really good job on your MS and I know that you will be pubklished so don't worry!

I love your books! You are very talented in what you do.

Love your daughter,
Laurel <3

Shanna Blythe said...

Woo hoo! You go girl!

Linda Adams said...

Hiya and good luck! Do you mind sharing the name of the fellow, or the publisher with us?

Don't sell yourself short -- if it's good, a larger publisher may want it too! Getting it out there to more houses than one is a grand idea, and now is a terrific time to do it. Your clock's ticking!

I don't mean to rain on a parade, but the UT small presses often don't have advertising budgets and such to really get your book sales going - so be prepared to pound a lot of pavement yourself when it gets in print. :)

Oh - actually, that's true for any publisher, really! The more you can market YOURSELF the better off you will be in the long (and short) run. Put your track shoes on!

Good luck and congratulations!
You've taken a huge step!

Michelle said...

Linda, I just know him as the family friend named William. But he asked for a full MS so I wasn't going to ignore him. I got an email from myo mom and she said that he was reading it and that he liked it. So more points for me. :)

I am prepared to work my tail off. I am actually looking forward to doing things like visiting schools, and book stores. I will be sending querys out if he rejects me. But right now he has the full MS and it is deemed exclusive.

Nice to have another blog reader. Welcome, nice to meet you.


PS Weston, Paulette, Laurel, Shanna... Thanks.