Saturday, December 22, 2007

One more thing...

This Christmas vacation I am spending my time polishing my MS and then at the begining of the year I will be sending it to agents and publishers. Yes I am sweating. This is really going out on a limb for me.

For those who commented and helped me with my query pitch THANK YOU!

I have decided that #1a was the best one for my query.

SO....Here is the winning pitch.

For years Commander Antony Danick's destiny has laid dormant. All his life, he has trained and worked for the Corps, becoming their most renowned assassin. But, having grown discontent with serving under Derek Jensen's thumb, Antony fakes his death and changes his name and appearance, awaking Destiny's untold prophecy. Now Caledonia's prophet is growing old, and his tenure is coming to an end. Surely Destiny has chosen the least likely person to succeed him in leading the people. A reformed assassin as the new prophet? Only Destiny knows what lays in store for the people of Caledonia with the former Corps sniper at the helm.



Weston Elliott said...

I think that is great!
Good luck - and call me if you need to cry once your baby is in the hands of the Postal Service!
Be strong!

~paulette said...

hey, i recognize that query paragraph. :) What happened to your other post? did you delete it??

Merry Christmas girly