Sunday, February 1, 2009

The need for readers.

I sent my MS to a reader and she came back with an interesting comment. That the last third of the book wasnt as inticing as the first two thirds. This was a comment that bothered me. When i get comments from a reader I allways sonsider them for at least a moment. Then those that I don't agree with I file away into nothingness. Those that I agree with I contemplate and think about.

At that point in time I either act on them or again let them go but only after pondering. So as I thought about reader L's comment I talked with Paulette again actually I just mentioned it to her as something I was thinking about. We talked and realized that one chapter as well as it is written has to go it stopps the flow like a brick wall. The last three chapters after that were mediochre. So with a little thinking and help from the Plot Queen I was able to re structure the last four chapters and they are waiting for me to attack them with enthusiasm.

To all my readers, I do apreciate you and when I hold that hot book in my hands you will be getting a copy. Signed of course.

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Poptart (fav nickname) said...

Yes yes yes, and her book encyclopedia will have to sign it too :D
Just kidding mom