Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspiration VS research.

Part of my first book occurs in Kyoto Japan. It needed to be Japan but instead of Tokyo a place where many have seen pictures of and know well I chose Kyoto because it wasnt as well known and I thought it would be fun to research. I chose Canberra Australia for the same reasons, not as popular as Sydney. So as I wrote the book I did some research looking at travel websites, printing maps and researching festivals among other things.

Saturday we got a new desktop to replace the windows 98 SE. it was SOOOOOo old! Well along with other things my hubby downloads Google Earth. If you havnt seen it go out there and check it out. It is SOOOOOO cool. I was able to zoom in on cities like Canberra, Adelaide, and Nuyngen all places my book goes, as well as Kyoto. I was excited to find an all girls school called Canberra Girls Grammar School which in my imagination is now a orphanage/womens shelter. The area in Deakin has enough land that it is possible to have built several highrise appartments, again that I immagined.

(Torii Fushimi shrine tunnel)
That brings us to todays post. I was surfing the web and ran across this web photoalbum. The pictures are of Kyoto and I was so surprised that with my research combined with a hefty dose of immgination I was pretty darn close. I love that the inspiration I get is SO close and it often shocks me how close my imagination/inspiration comes.

I am thankful that I am an inspired writer. It reminds me that my skill is indeed a gift, a talent and that I am slowly improving that talent.

With a healthy dose of inspiration and research the book will be a smashing success.

Three more posts untill I get to 200 Posts!!! I have a contest and a prize! Keep reading!!!

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Pink Ink said...

I've never google earth'd but I hear it's amazing. Cool for you on the new computer. Bet you are loving it.

That's an amazing pic.

You are just on fire! Keep up the good work.