Saturday, February 28, 2009

My 200th post!!!!!!!!!!

In cellebration, I am sharing something I thought about a few weeks ago. AND, I will draw one name from the people who comment and they will get a prezzie. So. . . .

Here goes. . .
My 10 item wish list.

1) a laptop with XP instead of Vista.
2) an Alphasmart
3) a huge supply of AA batteries for aforementioned Alphasmart.
4) a black belt in Tang Soo Do.
5) a punching bag to practice Tang.
6) a scooter, the old looking vespa kind would do.
7) a chakra bracelet.
8) heck I want the georgeous chakra necklaces all seven of them.
9) a decent 15 passenger van, with air and a stereo that works.
10) a publishing contract with a huge advance for emergence and its sequels. :)

So. . . What about you? What are the top ten things on your wish list???????? Comment below and I will draw a name from the comments.


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

a trip (or several trips) around the world with my whole family, hiking and running trials nearby as in right outside my door, new couches, a bigger upstairs bathroom, more skylights in my house, enough plants to finish the landscaping in my yard, solar panels, rain barrels to store water for said plants, health care reform in America, world peace.

Anonymous said...

1. A publishing contract with my name on it
2. Finalized adoptio papers with my name on them, so I can finally use his middle name too when he gets in trouble
3. I'll take one of those scooters too, even though it's impractical with a short one
4.A bottomless mug of fantastic plots
5. Time to myself without feeling guilty or like I might miss something
6. my own home on 40 acres
7. to be completely debt free
8. A new car that runs on tap water
9. a Tardis to visit family whenever I wanted
10. I'd like to sleep until I felt like I'd had enough sleep.. yeah like that's gonna happen with a 5 year old!

Hey, you didn't say they had to be reasonable wishes! :^>

Pink Ink said...

my book accepted by agent
another computer for the kids
a good horse for my youngest
a trip to the Philippines
a trip to Ireland
a Keith Urban CD
attend a Keith Urban concert

I'm sure there's more, but that's my wishingestn:-)

Shanna Blythe said...

1. Published
2. World Travel
3. Debt Free
4. I want to be at a healthy weight
5. To make enough money that I could just spend my time at home, writing!
6. Teaching part-time at school--all creative writing classes!
7. Our dream house on at least an acre--wherever we live.
8. To live somewhere GREEN.
9. Okay. I want a movie deal off of one of my books too!
10. Go to taekwondo on a REGULAR basis!

Karen Hoover said...

1-A healthy heart
2-A visitor's pass to heaven
3-A week of blissful peace and quiet
4-A European castle tour
5-A mountain cabin near water
6-Room for friends to visit anytime they want
7-My books published and in readers' hands
9-Health and happiness
10-For my hubby to live his dreams too

Rukia said...

dude, did you already pull a name?

top 10 things i want? pass my anatomy class

guess that's all that's on my mind at the moment. i've got a bad memory :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

A trip to Scotland, a week on the beach with my family, to get my books published, new furniture, to be able to pay off all the bills and get ahead for a change, my own office so my husband won't leave his stuff on the desk and move my 'organized' piles of research around, a trip to Europe, and another one to Eastern Canada/U.S., more time to do the things I love, and to lose weight.

Cathy Witbeck said...

A cure for cancer (cousin just diagnosed), the ability to paint way better (we can dream right),a published picture book, more time to write, more time to paint, more time with my hubby/honey, my house paid off, my bathrooms miraculously self cleaning, laundry that folds it self and a garden that doesn't do weeds.

Poptart (fav nickname) said...

Well I am late, but I will still do it. She hasn't drawn names out yet.
1. Go to Australia
2. Go to New Zealand
3. Pass my math class with an A+
4. Make the high school softball team next year
5. Finish my novel
6. Get a sister
7. Get my black belt in Tang Soo Dow
8. Have my room painted pink!
9. Have Eiffy fall in love with me :D LOL Just kidding (inside joke with friend)
10. I know it is impossible, but I tend to wish for the impossible, To hold a star in my hand :)