Monday, January 26, 2009

Self affirmation and the power of words.

Wednesday my DD and I went to Karate. Instead of a regular class we sparred with the instructor. It was interesting and I learned alot. I have a hard time facing a guy in a fighting situation. It freaks me out a little. My DD did really well in the spar situation but she kept thinking and telling herself that she didn't do well. Which brings me to the post subject.

I will admit I am biased but I think my daughter is drop dead beautiful. She is smart and skilled, she is a great violin player and gets straight A's in school. However, like most teenage girls in the face of what the media tells them is cool and right, she has some self image problems. She thinks she is not skinny and dumb and other things like that. Well as her mother I want her to have a positive self image and we talked about what we think of ourselves and other things like that. I asked her to tell her self a few things every day telling her if she repeated them enough she would begin to believe them.

This is her list:
I am smart
I am strong
I am healthy
I am beautiful
I am loved

I have asked her to repeat these things every day. I want her to love herself and be happy. Because even if she doesn't believe it right now, she is smart, strong, beautiful, healthy, and loved.

We as adults need to tell ourselves positive affirmations too. It isn't just for teens. My affirmation is "I will be published." But, you guessed that one didn't you. . .


Poptart (fav nickname) said...

Thanks mom. You bring so much light and joy into my life that NO one else can :) <3

Noble M Standing said...

Your welcome. I love you and I only have one chance to get it right with you!


Karen Hoover said...

Something we all need to be reminded of. Love and miss you both.

Noble M Standing said...

We miss you too Karen. I am planning on going to LTUE this year minus the car crash. Hope to see you there.


Karen Hoover said...

Most definitely!!! Can't wait!

Poptart (fav nickname) said...

:) Thanks mom. Yeah we only have one life. Get it right. :) I love you.

Pink Ink said...

Your daughter has one awesome mother (as she is awesome herself).

Great reminder!! Thanks.