Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Acceptance and sorrow.

I knew it. Right on time. I begin another writing challenge and the adversary has blown me out of the water again. No, this time my family is intact. But my book leaves something to be desired. I knew that when I began Emergence that Latent was going to be a bear to write, and true to form it has. The problem with Latent is while some of it is vastly different some of it has remained the same with very little change. Writing that mixture of change and same is difficult.

As it stands I have had to accept that Noble my MC is no longer an Agent and this changes EVERYTHING. All of Noble's adventures were based on the fact that he was an agent and now none of that is relevant. Granted the opposition he faces in books #3-#7 from becoming a good guy is enough material for me to RE-WRITE everything. But there is so little opposition in book #2 that I am feeling if I force it that it will look like I forced it. I have an antagonist and he does some pretty good damage in #2 but he isn't around every chapter and when even the writer looks at the page and thinks it is boring it probably is. I also have scenes that HAVE to happen in this book that I worry aren't the same level of book that Emergence is.

Second I have a cool character with his own book that I added into the series because I wanted the MC's to meet but in the new rewrite I can't seem to add him in without seeming again like I forced it. His story stands on its own and I'm not worried that he will disappear but I am saddened that I might not be able to add Foxproof in as Book #4.

I know everything will work out. It always does, but in the meantime I will feel a bit of sorrow at the situation presented to me.

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Anonymous said...

don't worry about your other character - if his story is good enough to stand on it's own his book might work out as a corrolary(no idea if that's spelled right)

Look at Anne McCaffery - she never worried about making her books all line up prettily, but they do all manage to wrap around each other just because their people are in the same places at the same times, but they're all still doing their own things. I, personally, love that about the Dragonriders books.

Conflict doesn't have to be "action", either - going from an assassin to a religious man has so much inherent conflict that you could play on. Use that - it'll be good!