Sunday, August 10, 2008

Warning! My opinion is below.

BREAKING DAWN. . . Don't bother.

I was severely disapointed in the last three books of the series. (Even more by "The Host" but that is another topic.)

Stephenie pulled me in and I was facinated with the first book, What an awesome premise and story. There was a huge setup for lots of plot twists and conflict.

Yet, like J K Rowling IMHO she dropped the ball when she became famous. Her writing style isn't bad, she is a good strory teller, but plot? There is none. It was just a story to wrap up the loose ends she created (and could have done much better with) and fulfill her fantasys.

She uses Deus Ex Machina (giving the char, duct tape JUST when he needs it rather than him picking it up days ago.) to solve her problems instead of writing a creative solution to the problems her characters get into. (Yeah I know I used the word problem twice)

By the time that Eclipse (book three) ended I shut the book with a sense of unhknown disturbance, which I later figured out was my reaction to Bella and Edwards dysfunctional and co-dependant relationship.

This is the issue that disturbs me the most. This book is written for teens and distributed and marketed as a YA novel, I don't want my 14 YO DD to think that what Bella and Edward has that passes for a relationship is normal. It is not!

And the ammount of SEX!!!!! in the fourth book has me worried that these young girl fans are getting way more than they bargained for in the realm of ADULT relationships in a book that claims to be a YOUNG ADULT book.



Pink Ink said...

I was out of town the day Breaking Dawn came out. I am not in a rush to read it, but just out of curiosity, I'm sure I will eventually...

Leesa said...

I am glad that i will be using it from a friend.

I am sad to hear that she twisted a great story to a just make money.

And KUDOS to the co-dependent relationship. That never happens in high school, if it does it doesn't last long.

Thanks for the review!

Shanna Blythe said...

I actually liked Breaking Dawn ok. I could say that my expectations were perhaps really low because I disliked Eclipse so much so there you go. Again, as with all of her books on re-reads I tend to skip to my favorite parts.

Bella and Edward go beyond co-dependency into the realm of a 'fantastical' relationship so that doesn't bother me just like Edward being a vampire doesn't bug me.

And with the teen thing? I mean its a book about a relationship with a vampire. If any teen thinks this is a normal relationship they need a reality check and I KNOW your DD doesn't need that.

That being said I think The Host is her best book so far. And that WAS written for adults.

~paulette said...

i saw this book in the Deseret-Book store sitting right next to one of Pres. hinkley's newest release books. I actually had to make a comment to the manager that he should be aware of the highly detailed "marriage scenes" in the book that they were recommending for young LDS youth. Despite whether it was right or wrong to write, i just didn't feel like it should be sitting inbetween the Prophet's words, and a rack of future-missionary-tools. :\