Monday, May 2, 2011

Passing through the gates of knowledge

Yes I have gates on my mind. While I have prepared for the upcoming conference I have been bombarded with ideas for a new book I am writing. I feel bad because in between what needs to be done there's little time to actualy time to sit and give this book the time it wants. I am also working on a second set of MS's and characters to accompany my first and premiere series The "Prophecy Rising" series.

It's been an interesting year. I've learned alot about writing without writing much. While I will allways be learning something new in the realm of writing I feel as if i have passed through the "begining writers gate" and into the realm of seasoned writer. I feel as if I can now look at a piece of work and identify what might need work, and what is good. Sadly it is easier to look at someome elses work than my own. Probably because I am "in love" with my prose and it hasnt worn on me yet. (Although by the time I am done editing like I am on Emergence I am sick of it.)

I have also passed through the "know nothing about submitting gate" and started to shop my MS. I am pretty sure I won't make a fool of myself when i send something off now. I can rattle off the industry standard guidelines for a "standard submission" without thinking about it.

Last but definitely not least I have passed through the "knows nothing about plotting and pacing a novel gate". I now have the knowledge and skills I need to take an idea and develop it fully into a real story. I have evolved from the just write a cool story to I can write a cool story that people curse me because they are still awake at 3:oo am.

While these last seven years have been long and I am impatient as I wait to get an agent, I have learned so much and passed through many gates on my way to being a published author.

P. S. Gates are SO relevant to my YA fantasy/SF WIP. :)

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