Sunday, May 8, 2011

Storymakers was awesome!!!!!!

Here are the awesome highlights of the conference. For me at least. :)

1) I was one of the ten that managed to get their query in Sara Crowe's short
synopsis class. She said I had a great hook and a good length there was only one
thing she said to fix and I think I already have the solution for that. She said
that the ten she and her assistant read were really good and for us to re-submit
them as querys. Whoot!

2) Clint Jhonson's class was awesome. I learned so much about emotion and

3)The publication primer class was as equally awesome. We had an awesome group
of women and a wonderful group leader. Julie Belon. I got some really good
comments on my WIP and know where to start the female characters plot line.

4) I entered the first chapter contest with no intention of winning, Gasp!
(which I didn't) but the intention to see what people thought of my two new book
ideas. It was well worth the money I spent because the judges really liked the
ideas and first chapters.

5) I pitched a nonfiction book to Cedar Fort, Covenant and Leatherwood (at the
publishers mix and mingle) and they all liked it, and want to see it. In fact I
think all three said they were looking for something along that line.

6) I made a new good friend and we are going to crit each others work.

7) I got to meet Larry Brooks, got his book and had him sign it.

8)I got to see a ton of my friends and meet new ones.

There, was that awesome enough?

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Shari said...

It WAS good! And equally great seeing you there.