Monday, April 25, 2011

NINE days!!!!!!!

According to my countdown ticker, I have only nine days until the Storymakers Writers Conference. I am so excited!!!!! I am signed up for some awesome classes and can't wait to see my writer friends.

On another note, this is Post #275 I have 80 followers, and my birthday is just over a month away. Time to have some fun. I'll think of some awesome things and get back here. I have a signed book to give away and possibly some other awesome stuff.

I have so much to do in 9 days!!!!!!! AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!


Shari said...

Hope to see you there! Good luck getting ready.

Jewel Allen said...

Have fun ladies!

Title Loans said...

By my calculations, you should be there. Boy time flies! Are you having fun?