Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Learning about writing

I spent Saturday in Ephiram UT at a writers conference. While most of the classes were about what I allready know, I did learn something new. Besides, a side benifit of going to this conference was to hang out with my writerly friends.

I don't think there was anything wrong with the confrence, there were alot of teens and first timers and they were probably sucking so much of it in that their brains were about to explode. I've been there myself.

I'm far from the perfect writer and know I still have alot to learn. That is why in less than 30 days I'll be going to another conference in SLC this time and I am sure to be one of those beginner, head exploding people at this one.

If you are serious about writing, you need to go to things like this. Not only do you learn so much, you get to meet people and network. I've come home before and felt as if my brain had turned to mush and needed a few days to unload and reorganize everything i was taught.

Even if you went and just listened and had epithanies about your book it'd be worth it.


Charmaine Clancy said...

Yes! I'm panning a few writers conferences this year.
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Deirdra Eden-Coppel said...

I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Beautiful Mommy Writer Award.
Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.
PS. Maybe I'll see you at LDS Storymakers. Love your blog!