Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My goals for this year.

Yes I know that January is almost over. You can blame the lack of posts on a developmental thing called TEETHING. I have had to experience life outside of mothering in tiny snippets called nap time. Dont feel sorry, I love being a mom it's just that my muse requires me to be creative or shrivel and die.

So as to my goals. I have had at least all month ot think about it, right?

#1, I want an agent contract this year. I'd love a publishing one too, but an agent will suffice.

#2, I will make sure that my 4 yo is ready for school in August. I have plans and we are learning something new every day. This also includes potty training and were still working on that one.

#3, I will bake (create) more because it makes me happy. As well as hubby and kids. This is also a time for me to teach my kids some life skills and things like fractions.

#4, I will write as much as I can, given said schedule with the baby. I refuse to fall out of the drafting habit again.

#5, I will humor my creative side more. I will find projects and I will draw and sew and knit because I want to be diversified in my skills.

#6, I will be a red #2 stripe by December. And continue getting in shape while I do it.

#7, Improve my relationships with my children spouse and myself.


ali cross said...

Great goals! I especially love #5. I've had this recurring thought (read prompting) lately that I need to set a day aside each week where I just create. And not just writing. But crafting in some way (I love paper crafts and crochet, heck even coloring!). I think my soul needs it.

And good luck with the red stripe! You go girl!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

What an awesome list of goals. Like Ali, I love #5. I've made the same goal myself. For me it is all about balance.

Shari said...

Excellent goals. I am excited to see you conquer them all this year.

I understand the whole life getting in the way of writing thing. I've been there all month long.