Friday, October 29, 2010

Story structure and NANO

Yeah I'm insane. I joined NANO with a three month old. Its going to be a ball of yarn fun tho'.

To be honest I couldn't even do it if I didn't have the knowledge of Brooks' story structure and a great story idea. I know where this story is going and have the basic story facts firmly on paper even if they're not in my head. (blame mommy brain for that one)

The main reason I love story structure is it's like a recipie for baking muffins. Hang here with me as I get all domestic on you. It gives me what to put in the story/batter in exactly the order and amounts I need it. If I follow the recipie I know the story/muffins are going to turn out great. The cool thing about this recipie/story structure is the variety. If I want to use whole wheat flour instead of white I can, if I want to use applesauce instead of oil I can do that too. I can add chocolate chips, blueberries, nuts, or whatever I want because the recipie tells me I can. I can sit and write by the seat of my pants, (my muse's preferred style) as long as I follow the structure and still get an awesome plotted story out of it.

There has been no other writing help I have found that has changed the way I look at writing as much as this. Granted there has been a TON of things I have learned about writing from my friends and the internet. But this story structure has freed me from the "I have a great idea now where do I go" plot problem.

For those of you who are interested in what I am talking about go to my sidebar and click on the story structure links. If you are in Utah and/or are interested in going to an awesome LDS writers conference where Larry Brooks will be teaching about structure in a master class then click on the LDStorymaker conference link in the side bar too.

Speaking of great writing ideas, I am finally putting together my project notebooks that Nancy Campbell Allen talked about on her blog. I of course have altered them to my own needs but thought I'd show them to you when they are done. I hope to get the NANO one done before Monday. Thanks for the awesome idea.


ali said...

Good luck Michelle! (and thanks for the links too!)

Shari said...

Can I just say that you blow me away? No? Uh oh. Oh well, I said it anyway. 'Cause you really do.