Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.......

If all of the books and authors that I love and inspire me are urban fantasy/paranormal. Then why am I writing tech suspense?

Probably because the tech suspense genre is really small and new acording to some people.

Most likely because hard core sf intimidates the heck out of me.

Definately because the characters in my head won't stop talking to me.

Such is the life of an author.

BTW my NANO is a paranormal. I had to see if I can do it.


Angie said...

Well, you just have to follow your heart. Good luck with the Nano paranormal. How's that cute baby?

Noble M Standing said...

He's growing like a weed. He's barely 3 mo today and wearing some 6 mo clothes. He's going to be a big boy.

Except for a little excema on his scalp he's perfectly healthy.

Thanks for the luck, I'll definately be using it.