Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Learning writing from other sources. . . .

Over the past few days I have listened as my daughter has watched season one of "Criminal Minds". I don't watch TV and rarely watch movies. But I have learned something as I have "listened" to my kids watch this or that. For example, there are alot of Disney movies that have really strong points in one writing point or the other.

As I was listening to the TV/revising my MS I realized a few things. When a series usually starts they introdouce the characters doing someting that is unique to that character and you remember the introdouction. Also as the series progresses it often has episodes that highlight one character or the other.

Do we as writers do the same thing? Do we introdouce our characters doing something unique? Will our readers remember that character? When we have a MS that has more than one character POV. Do we use scenes or chapters to highlight a character that is in the story?

Have you listened to a movie or episode and realized the uniqueness of the dialogue and howit identifies the character even if you can't "see" who's speaking? Try it sometime. :)

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