Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I KNOW that emotion. I am really familiar with it.

I am at the cusp of sending my manuscript to the publisher who asked for revisions. I have done everything they have asked except adding emotion and internal thought. I even researched adding emotion and putting the MS away for a while to give me some distance.

I feel emotions, the frustration I am experiencing is real and I can identify with it. But my character isn't allways frustrated and that would get quite boring. The guy's an assassin who basically shuts down emotionally when he is on a hit. I'm okay with that. But what about when hes not? I dont know. Why is this so hard for me?

I am so close to being "there". I can almost feel that acceptance in my hands, like standing on the top of a hill ready to take a wild ride down the other side. Yet this hiccup seems to want to rip any thought of success from my hands.

Yeah I know frustration I am living a version of it right now.

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