Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Tang Soo Do update

On Wednesday I tested for my second green stripe. I did everything my instructor asked of me even some situps and pushups. Not many, my body doesn't allow too many right now. As I did my double up front kick my Instructor smiled and said "theres proof that a pregnant woman can do almost anything" I walked on cloud 9 for days after that.

The next Monday I recieved my second green (red) stripe. This last friday I broke a 12x12x1" board doing a jump side kick. WHOOHOO!

I love my class, I am having a blast.

Just a note, the last two "red stripes" on the chart are now midnight blue.


ali cross said...

Wowie! Congratulations Michelle! ♥

Angie said...

I'm impressed!

Unknown said...

I'm impressed too. I've always secretly wanted to be a kick butt girl! =D