Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If I Am A Writer. . .

Then why can't I write a romance?

I write science fiction. I love to sit down at my laptop and just let the words flow about my MC and his family. In fact what was once a two book "set" is now both a four book series and a three book trilogy with at least one companion book. They flow from my brain as if i opened a little door on my forehead.

When I started this whole mess I actually wrote a fantasy with some romance in it as my first book. I love the book and while it needs work, (don't all first books need work?) I will revisit the world of Amalathea again sometime, maybe even turn it into a series too. There are some characters in that story that I would love to explore thier lives.

It was actually the third book I wrote, "Dominion Day" that had shoved its way to the forefront of my brain PAST the safety glass and demanded that I tell its story first. So there I stand, Emergence is being edited as I type this and I am just waiting to finish it so I can re-submit it to the publisher I really desire. Then I have the rough of Latent #2 going through my crit group right now and books 3 and 4 plotted out waiting for that month of massive motivation so I can write them. I am also waiting a little to see how the big bad guy develops in book #1 because they are more prominent in books 3 and 4.

So if the sci/fi comes so easily to me and I have some awesome ideas for two romances, why can't I write them? What is it about romance VS sci/fi or fantasy for that matter that makes my brain literally shut off? My sci/fi and fantasy have romance, I am the queen, my readers tell me, at putting two characters together and having them fall in love. If I can do that surely I can write a simple boy meets girl fall in love romance. Right?

Except my romances aren't typical. One deals with Post Partum Phychosis and the after effects of that depression and a suicide attempt. The other deals with excaping an abusive marriage and finally fulfilling their dreams. Hmmmmmmmmm...... Perhaps that is why. Maybe the simple boy meets girl would be easier.


Don said...

Yanno, I'm kinda the opposite, wondering why a SF fan like myself is polishing up a book that's basically a romance.

I guess you just never know.

L.T. Elliot said...

For me, it's just about where I'm happiest. I know I'm not happy writing full romance. (I think the element of romance is necessary in every story.) I'm happy in my world of fantasy and steampunk. I tell a better story there because I care. And I'm okay with that. I'll leave romance and other genres to the people who love it and are happiest there. They'll do a better job that I can.

Unknown said...

Do what I did...write an outline of a romance then set it in a SF world.
Then they aren't fighting to save the world from destruction...they're fighting to be together and F the world.
The thing with romance is that the Hero doesn't have to battle supervillians...he battles with himself enough to finally let a MOS see him naked. Weird, huh?

Angie said...

Hmmm. Maybe your romances just aren't ready for you to write them yet. Maybe they need to stew a little longer. (Or maybe SF just rules!) ;)