Saturday, November 28, 2009

I think I've lost it. . . .

So I was in the fabric section of Wal*Mart waiting in line to have some vinyl cut for a table cloth. (expensive table + 6 kids = disaster) there were three people in line in front of me so I had alot of time to stand around and stare at bolts of fabric. (believe me, I actually love doing it, I just hate that I cant have 5 yards of every fabric that I like)

So anyway as I am looking at the fabric I think: "I should look for some fabric to make a sword case so I can take my sword places and it wont get scratched and dinged." I begin to look around, thinking that an Asian theme would be cool then I see it . . . pink fabric with pastel butterflies and sparkles. I am instantly in love!

THIS is the conversation that I and my main character Noble/Antony had.

Me: It's so pretty and it has butterflies! *swoon*
Noble: It's pink.
M: It has sparkles!
N: It's still pink.
M: What about this one? (picks up a black fabric with the same pastel butterflies)
N: It has sparkles and the butterflies are pink. What about that one? (he looks at a black fabric with golden dragons and red flames)
M: Well. . .
N: Well what?
M: It's so manly, all black and flames.
N: I like it.
M: Your a guy of course you like it. I like this one. (still fingering the pink butterfly fabric)
N: No!
M: Why?
N: Because I'm a guy. No pink!
M: You like pink.
N: Only in your imagination! What about this one? (looks at another bolt)
M: No skulls and muscle cars. I'm the one who has to cary this sword case to class.
N: Awwwww but I liked the skulls.
M: Well good for you you can have it in your book world.
N: You're so picky.
M: And your not? You don't even have to carry the bag and your having a fit.
N: I have to be in your head when you carry that pink insane thing, absolutely not.
M: What about this one? (fingrs a green flanel with butterflies on it)
N: It still has butterflies.
M: It's green you like green. And I love butterflies.
N: I do like green. Butterflies are for girls.
M: Well I am a girl. So you like it? Can I get it?
N: silence. . . . . . . . .
M: Good I think I need one and a half yards.
N: grumble


Teri said...

That is hilarious!!!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has strange conversations with the voices in my head! :)

Pendragon said...


Wyan twitches. "What a liar, Nobe! You're such a pinkaholic!!!!! Hope that hurt."


elizabeth said...


You are so cute! Thank you for sharing this with us!



One Cluttered Brain said...

I've only conversed with my characters in my dreams...but if I keep on writing, maybe I'll eventually get to the point that you are at.

Hilarious post BTW! Glad U got the fabric U needed!

Noble M Standing said...

OCB, Trust me you don't want them in your head day in and day out.

I was standing in the fabric section with a silly grin and I kept laughing. I'm sure the other people in the section thought I was crazy.

Loved Ever said...

Thank you Michelle for sharing this with us.
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Jewel/Pink Ink said...

You definitely picked the right color ;-).

Cathy Witbeck said...

What is your sword for? Mine is for dancing the scottish sword dance.

Shanna Blythe said...

ROFL!! I love it when you have conversations with Noble!!!!!

Noble M Standing said...

Cathy, I have two swords. A wooden training sword called a Bokken and then a read sword called a Zatoichi cane sword. And a Jo staff. When I reach red belt I will start training with weapons.

I am a green belt in Tang Soo Do. Red is next. :)

Shanna now my three year old will come up and ask me if I am talking to him or the big Noble. I've ruined my kid for life.