Sunday, November 8, 2009

The beauty of mid-point

Acording to Brook's Story Structure, the Mid-point is when the MC's character arc changes from Reactive, "I can't believe that happened" to Active "over my dead body". It is also the place where the author can give the reader information that the Mc doesnt know. Often times this information changes everything or if it doesn't, it definately changes the readers sympathy for the MC or other characters.

The beauty of Mid-points is that it's the perfect place to twist the story.

I have been having the best time writing this NANO WIP. As I am writing My brain is also working chapters ahead of my fingers. THe mid point in this WIP is awesome and theres such a revelation about the MC and the female #2 MC is standing right there as the information is revealed. Not only that, the person giving the information is the one person in the book that SHOULDN'T know this information because of the potential of maximum dammage.

This story is becoming so much fun. I am itching to finish it and let my readers take a look. My brain is obsessed with the story. I dream scenes, I plot as I eat. I think I am driving my family nuts. LOL

To be honest I can't stress learning Structure enough. Having an awesome Mid-point is Such an amazing tool in the overall arc of the story, I can't imagine how boring my story would be without it.

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