Thursday, June 4, 2009

How I Became a Writer Part: 4

Okay, I was diverted a little but such is life.

So when I left off I was talking about my work becoming better. So fast forward a few years to last year. After a few drafts of that MS and a few submissions I recieved a really great personalized rejection from Jodi Meadows from what is now the Rappaport Agency. She asked some questions that really made me think.

After talking about the rejection and my MS with my friend She suggested that I take the story back about five years and answer the questions that my readers wer seeming to ask all the time.

This was not an easy decision. Even if I knew that it was the right decision to make I was literally sick to my stomach. I had written hundreds of thousands of words and edited and revised this piece of work untill my eyes crossed. To take it back and change it to deepen the character and answer questions it meant that Antony/Nobles world was turned completely upside down. Noble was no longer an agent, and that changed evrything!

After a few weeks of worry and plotting on my and my friends part I sat down and wrote out the first chapter and Emergence was born. It was so diferent I was amazed. It was so good my readers were begging for more. With the fire lit under my butt I cranked out the rough draft in about 4-5 months. Then began to send it out to readers and revise.

An interesting thing happened in the process of writing this draft. I gave Antony a first wife and his second wife walked out of my head in protest. She didn't come back for weeks.

Fast forward to a few months ago, the adversary has been working on me and trying to discourage me from ever completing the MS and from being a writer at all. At the same time I have heard from all sorts of people that the ability to write is a God given talent. Knowing this I have told the Lord that If I am to further and hone this craft I needed his help.

That's when things started to happen, like getting asked for the full MS and winning the three chapter review. Having the awesome reaction from the class about my book blurb. I will go to the library and pick up a book and while reading it I will have inspiration as to how to better my book. I know this is an answer to my request.

So now I sit, waiting for that LAST EDIT before I send the complete MS to the #1 publisher on my list. As soon as the edit is finished I will send it to the publisher.

I guess that's it for now.


Pink Ink said...

What a great journey for you Michelle. You have the desire and put in the hard work, and your imagination is simply phenomenal. Good luck on your submission!

Noble M Standing said...

Thanks Jewel. I'm trying to remain positive. I've had so many good things happen to me. I will fix a few things I see as problems and then I will send it off. :)