Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Valor Publishing Group LLC Opens its Doors.

I am excited to announce that Valor Publishing has opened its doors. After months of work and planning Candace Salima has announced that Valor is open and accepting submissions. I am so excited! Candace has very innovative ideas and I believe that she will take this company far. She has allready signed Mark Shurtlef, and Karen E. Hoover. Check it out here.


Valor - Day to Day said...

There are many great days ahead for Valor, its authors and the readers who will enjoy and value the Valor books. I urged authors to continue to hone their craft, write and submit. As we are a traditional publisher we expect a high quality of writing. There's only one way to get that: study, read, learn and write. Good luck to one and all.

SB said...


I know this blog post is ancient, but when I try to the link to Valor Publishing, it goes to a website in Polish. Would you be able to give me a good link? I'm interested in checking out Valor Publishing.