Tuesday, October 7, 2008

By George, I think I got it!

K if anyone ever tells you that writing a book is easy and they could do it in a small amount of time, DON’T BELIEVE THEM!

Writing is the hardest thing I have ever done and when it hits you like an obsession like it does me, the pain in inevitable.

I feel I am a good writer, I create believable characters, I am good at writing dialogue even if I struggle to punctuate it. But plot? Forget it. Half the time I can’t figure it out. I understand the basics of plot. I know I have to have a beginning middle and end I know that I need not just one story but a few to weave and twist through the book. But to sit and create a plot? The thing evades me.

Take my last book, I had good scenes, good characterization and a whole bunch of CRAP that wasn’t needed for the sake of a good scene. When I was rejected a few months ago I asked my friend to look over the rejection and synopsis to help me out.

My very bestest friend Paulette has studied plot for over a year as she had worked on her own awesome book. She took my idea and we created a completely new plot taking my MC back a few years.

Now I am working on the book that gave me the trouble to begin with and I have struggled again. Over the weekend I stared at my few line idea of where the book was going and pulled my hair out in clumps. Late Saturday night I went down in my basement and found a small article called “A Hero’s Journey” that I liked and printed off a while ago. ( See link in the side bar) I sat and answered the prompts and Eureka! I had a basic but flawed plot.

So I worked on it and then sent it to Paulette and she called me and suggested one thing that made the plot perfect. (funny Wendy suggested the same thing. Boy when I am wrong I am wrong aren’t I?) Now the plot is looking good and I am ready to resume writing.

I am thankful for my Crit group, They rock!

But most of all I am THANKFUL to Paulette, who I now have dubbed “THE PLOT QUEEN” who without her, my books wouldn’t, exist.


Pink Ink said...

Does that make Paulette a plotter? *evil background music* Hahaha.

That's awesome Michelle. Keep up the good work!

Rukia said...

Yes, evil. So, unless you want some horrible tragety to befall your MC, don't ask me. :)

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Yeah! A break through! Something to be grateful for even as we move forward.

Michelle said...

Thanks Pink, and yes paulette is a plotter :) However, if you dont want your chatacter to die dont ask her for help.
Thanks Ru, I owe you serious cookies.
Ronda, yes it is something i am grateful for.