Friday, October 3, 2008

some inspiration. . .

EVERYTIME I start a new writing project the adversary hits me with a whammy. Whether it is family, personal confidence, illness or whatever. It is so obvious that this series is not what he wants me to do. There is a message in it and I am sure that he doesn't want me to tell it.

Again just three days into the challenge I have been hit hard with family issues. I am trying to remember that this is par for the course in my writing career. (and some people only struggle with writers block)

I was searching for some song lyrics,(What I've done by Linkin Park). My friend Nichole pointed out they told an eleoquent story with well written lyrics. I wanted to have them as a theme for my second book. After I printed them and they were safely in my plotting papers; I looked up the lyrics to my favorite song at the moment and surprise I have recieved inspiration again.

The song is called Falling On by Finger Eleven here is the video:

And the Lyrics:

When you feel so close to some resolve
And you write the words you were writing for
But your courage gets dissolved
Into what, I don't know...

When you feel that way again
You have to stop your thinking
And think of what you're here for
And let the rest of your feelings go

You've got to find your balance
You've got to realize
You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes
And if you find you've fallen
And all your grace is gone
Just scream for me and I'll be what you're falling on

When you feel so close to some resolve
And you say the things that you're standing for
Don't let your courage get dissolved
Cause it's then that the fear grows

Just give me the word and I'll be there for you

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