Thursday, July 26, 2007

When it Rains....

It pours. I was in the middle of working when the clouds that had hung overhead all day decided to let loose with all of the moisture they had been storing. I watched in facination as my two soaked sons raced home on thier bikes and then as my park strip flodded and the garage started to back up with water. One problem my house has is that there are no rain gutters on the front of the house and the water that ran off the house ran directly into the garage. So my 10 year old son and I placed all of the buckets we owned under the edge of the garage's roof. Made a barier on the stairs and bailed the bottom of the stairs out. Moved the canoe under the eaves of the office so the basement wouldnt flood. Then we swept the water out of the garage. There was not one piece of me that wasnt wet, soaking wet. This is the second storm like that in three years. I think it is time to invest in rain gutters and a rain barrel.