Monday, July 16, 2007

Blow Dryers...

20 year old ones for that matter. I was blow drying my bangs because I am, or was trying to grow them out. Occasionally a little flame would shoot out the end of the barrel; I just had to be carefull when using it. So I go to work and come home and look in the mirror as I am washing my hands. I see that my blow dryer burned my bangs. There is a spot of frizzed hair. I am totally embarrased I was at work and no one said anything about it. So I cut the spot out and because it was hilighted it looked totally obvious where I had cut it. So I had to trim my whole bangs. Dangit, I had just gotten them to a length that I was liking, so now I have to start over. And the blow dryer? You ask...It is in the trash.



Shanna Blythe said...

Eek. My sister had a curling iron that melted Emma's hair one day. That got trashed too. I wouldn't worry too much about the whole work thing. I doubt if anyone really noticed or if they did they probably didn't think about it!

ali said...

Hi Michelle!

This is the first time I've made it to your blog and I'm happy to have found you!

Sorry about your blow dryer tragedy today.

I loved my lactation specialists and can attest to what a gift you give and the calling you have. I had twins and one of them was not a good suckler and both were terribly tiny and just too tired to work very hard. But since they were, and would ever be, my only babies, I so wanted to nurse them. Because a kind councilor like you helped me out I was able to share that awesome sweet bond with my babies. So, thank you!

C. L. Beck said...

Wow, you had a blow dryer that lasted twenty years? That must be some kind of a record.

Glad to hear it was only your bangs that got torched. One thing about bangs, they grow out fast.