Friday, July 20, 2007


I have been tagged. and since i dont know that many people i hope i havnt repeated any one to tag. If so sorry. well, with out further adieu here is my list. i hope you enjoy it.

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Musings from an LDS writing mom
LDS Writers Blogck (Connie S. Hall)
ANWA’s Founder & Friends
Write Bravely

What were you doing ten years ago? We were looking for a house in Provo UT after spending the last four years in Logan Ut. My DH had just graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelors degree in Geology. And had just gotten accepted into the masters degree program at BYU. We had a 35 ½ week preemie in January and were knee deep in physical therapy and occupational therapy at the time. Ten years ago at this time I was probably packing…..

What were you doing one year ago? One year ago I was taking care of a 6 week old baby that had been born with Cranio Systnosis. By an unwanted c-section. There were many hospital visits and doctors appointments ugh I still have nightmares about those first few months of Nobles life.
Five snacks you enjoy: 1. Caramel Dove chocolates 2. Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips 3. Raspberry lime Jamba Juice 4. McD hot fudge sundaes 5. Sugar cookies with frosting and milk
Five songs you know all the lyrics to: 1. Anything by Depeche Mode 2. Move Along by All American Rejects 3. You Could Be Happy by Snow Patrol 4. One Thing by Finger Eleven 5. Anything by Thomas Dolby
Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Get a complete food storage, buy a reliable 15 pg van, buy my DH an airplane, buy a house?
Five bad habits: 1. I hate to exercise 2. Love to sit and write all day 3. Like food too much 4. Shopping too much 5. Collecting too many black bags =)
Five things you like to do: 1. Write 2. Read 3. Yoga 4. Tai chi 5. Shopping at DI
Things you will never wear again: Blue mascara, mini skirt, stiletto heels, My weeding dress, leg warmers, my orange mini skirt and shirt that said wild on it in turquoise blue in big annoying letters.
Five favorite toys: 1. Laptop 2. Printer 3. My iPod 4. My BIG HUGE suburban…teehee 5. My stamps
Five people to tag: 1. The Shady Glade 2. Musing from an LDS writer mom 3. Confessions of a Lifelong Bookworm 4. Ink Splasher 5. Girl in a whirl

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