Friday, January 25, 2013

Where is your writing groove?

This morning I had the kids up and ready to go to school except breakfast. One is a picky eater and usually let him choose what he wants. I was in my office which is right off the kitchen writing happily away on a rough draft.

Well the picky eater knocks a bottle of hot sauce off the shelf in the fridge and it breaks all over my kitchen floor. So there's broken glass, red sauce and the smell of vinegar and peppers all over my kitchen and the bus is supposed to be there in less than five minutes. Stuck in the kitchen I ask a kid to get paper towels and scoot the garbage closer to me while the picky eater goes and changes his pants which are covered in Tabasco. I get it cleaned up, get the kids some change to buy breakfast at the school and send them out the door in just enough time to catch the bus.

The house back in a non frenzied silence I return to the office and sit and stare at the cursor. The momentum is lost in the chaos and I have completely forgotten the scenes I was about to write when the bottle exploded.

Which brings me to my topic. Where is the best spot for you to write? Do you have to get in the groove or can you sit anywhere and just pour it on?

I stumbled upon this awesome website where the author of the site posts insanely gorgeous pictures of this house they'd love to build or buy and refurbish for writing in. I love the pictures. Its sparks my creativity, but it also started a train of thought that has been prevalent since. What if you could only write on one spot or in the perfect conditions? How limiting would that be? I am glad I can pretty much write anywhere and at any time. I'd never get anything done writing wise if I waited for the perfect conditions. As evidenced by the chaotic home I live in.


Konstanz Silverbow said...

While I can pretty much write anytime, anywhere, I do my BEST writing at night.

Leslie said...

I do my best writing when I'm alone in my little office/sewing room sitting on a small love seat with my laptop. I wish I could write when my kids are hanging out with me but it's just too hard to think and write unless they are at school or asleep.

Mel Chesley said...

I can write okay while everyone is up and doing their thing, but I don't fall into that 'groove' until everyone is in bed or gone. I put on my writing playlist and plug away. Sometimes if I get interrupted I can fall right back into the groove, but usually it just derails me and I have to read over what I was writing and I find myself right back in it. There are days, though, where I can't get into it at all and those are the days I just write anyway and clean it all up later.