Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A new page--clean and white

I love the thrill of opening a new document to start a new book.

There's potential there. The ability to create is new, open, and the possibilities are limitless.

The new year looks the same to me. Full of potential for great and amazing things. With EMERGENCE released I am feeling a certain weight off my shoulders and am ready to plunge back into many things that were emotionally impossible before my book baby became reality.

I am so ready to leave some things in my past and open new books that I have just dreamed of before now.

So before I bore you with all my musings, I will write out my goals for this coming year.

I will be more present in my family. My kids deserve my time.

I will treat my writing and publishing as a business.

I will try to be more friendly to those around me and inclued my friends in my life more.

I will bake more and play more.

I will use the jewlry making supplies I bought last year. The leather too.

I will go back to Karate and work on my red belt.

I will work to make my book EMERGENCE a success.

I will nurture aspiring authors.

I will work on making myself happier.

So there you go in black and white. The things I want and desire to do.

Hope your new year is smashing, and much better than last year.

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Kami McArthur said...

Nice thoughts. I had a great year last year personally! I can't imagine what could top it... but, here's to hoping you have a great year this year :)