Thursday, October 27, 2011

re-vise, re-write, re-vision . . . who am I kidding?

I am working on a few projects. Drafting and editing and plotting. While I love the plotting and drafting the one that needs editing is the one that is demanding my attention. You see I have a new crit partner, and she's awesome. I can't believe I am so lucky!!!! The deal is, I send her a new chapter every Monday and she sends me hers. We crit them and then send them back by Sat evening. This is really a good thing, it is forcing me to revise Latent and send her chapters that are as perfect as possible. SO seeing that Latent is my NANO project from two years ago one ting has happened since then. I have fine tuned the plot and made it better. So what happens when you do this you revise every chapter. Now don't get me wrong, I said re-vise not re-write. While I am weaking things I am not rewriting most of the chapters. Most of them need things changed but not a complete re-drafting. This is a good thing. I have let this book sit in the back of my head and simmer so-to-speak, and by doing that it has gotten better much like seasonings in a stew. So while alot of my writer friends are gearing up for NANO, my advice to them is once the 50,000 words are drafted, stick it in a dark drawer for a long time and let it age. I promise you the story will get better as it sits. Happy NANO Everyone!

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