Saturday, October 15, 2011

If I am a plotter, then

why am I working on a book without a clear structure?

Have you ever heard of discovery writing? It's that place where you just sit down and write w/o any clear idea of where you're going. Well that is where I am on the MS that is demanding my attention.

Now don't get me wrong, I am still a "structure gal", it's just that at the begining of the story when I don't know where exactly I am going, siting down and just starting to write is a good way to get an idea of who my characters are and what they think and are going to do.

It's kinda like freewriting, giving me a way to explore what the beginings of the story is. A chance to have a little fun with out the structure looming over my head telling me that that isnt the way the story is supposed to go.

Sometimes I use this stuff I write at the begining in the story. Sometimes I throw it all into a "cut" folder for another time or refrence. Sometimes it becomes a later chapter or stays the first chapter. Whatever feels right.

Regardless of how or if I use it those first few chapters often express the theme of what I am trying to write and create the basis of everything else that goes on in the MS. It's how this panster turned structure gal stays sane.

This is my 400 post. Amazing isn't it? That I've been talking to you guys for that long.

To celebrate I will be giving away a custom made hand sewn 50 page mini journal. But you have to do one thing. Comment on the post.

SO . . . What style of writer are you? Or if you're not a writer, say hi.

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Erin G. said...

Wow! 400 Posts! Congratulations! :) I'd say I'm a discover writer. I've tried plotting, but I get so frustrated when I don't stick to what I had planned out.