Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Helping Write Blurbs

I love to pay it forward. I owe a lot of good Karma to people out there who helped me make it to the realm of published author. Way too many to list although I try occasionally to do that.

When people ask for help I usually jump at the chance to crit something or help promote. Sometimes if asked to read a whole book and crit it I have to pass, I only have so much time in my day and most of that is spent putting out destructo boy fires.

When Maria asked for help with her back cover copy I jumped at the chance. Not only just to help, but also to help feed my muse who loves it when I delve into someone else's story. He loves to start plying in my writing worlds while my analytical brain is in someone else's.

Maria was so excited to get her new 25 word promo and her back cover copy blurb revamped she blogged about me and my new business. You can see it here. Maria's Random Thoughts

And here is my new business: Metamorphosis Author Services

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