Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your Writing Space

Do you have the writing space of your dreams? Is it a corner of another room, a comfy couch, or an office to yourself?

I know one writer who loves to write by hand in a notebook in her papasan chair which she calls her "writing chair". Another writer has a couch and uses the back of said couch for their storage. Another writer has a long narrow office with shelves along one wall a couch on the other and a desk at the end of the long room. I even know a writer that had a whole huge room in the basement with walls covered in pictures of her characters.

Regardless of what it is, It needs to be someting you are happy with. When I attended Storymakers Author Kevin James talked about ergonomics, and that if you are writing you need to be comfortble and in a position that is good for your body. Is your back strained after a few hours? Your eyes hurting? Your hands and wrists in pain? Chances are you need to re-asses your writing space and do something to make it better. If you do, your body and WIP will thank you.

What is your writing space like? Are you happy with it?


Mel Chesley said...

While my desk is a chaotic mess, I still like it. My husband made it for me and I asked him to lower the main part of it so I didn't have to raise my arms so high and hurt my wrists. I'm in the middle of the living room and when people are watching TV I get distracted. So I either write during the day or I write after everyone has gone to bed. Seems to be the best thing to work for me.
Someday, I will have an entire room for just my office and then watch out! ;)

Angie said...

My office is a mess! But I have been working on my inner writing space lately. My husband started working in the basement, so know I have the office to myself, but I still need to get it organized!