Thursday, August 2, 2012

Everything I learned about writing I learned at Storymakers.

Well okay almost everything. There've been a few books and a smattering of other conferences. But for the most part it is true.

I've gone to the last 6 conferences and come away with so much information my brain has done some sort of gelatin thing for at least a week after as it processed all the awesomeness into information I could use. I've learned writing, editing, synopsis, querying, plotting, and networking to name a few. I've come home and revised rewritten or just plain started writing and basked in the glow of what is the Storymakers conference.

But that isn't the best part.

I am a LDStorymakers success story. Yeah I know they don't have anything fancy or a list of those of us who are, but I am all the same.

Two years ago I sat at dinner Friday night with Some friends and Amy Orton who is the PR/designer of Walnut Springs. during the conversation I asked her if they'd be interested in a story I had been shoping. She said it sounded like something they'd want to see so I sent it off within days of the conference. I also pitched a middle grade non fiction to them at the publishing meet and greet and was told to send that one in too.

Skip to today I am eagerly awaiting the release of my technical suspense next month and the middle grade in the spring.

I wouldn't be where I am without Storymakers.

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Danyelle Ferguson said...

I love success stories and am so happy for you!