Monday, June 4, 2012

A little sweepstakes for my birthday

June is my Birthday month. I'm officially 43 years young. In honor of my birthday and my new office I will be giving away two awesome books. they are the LDStorymakers Guides to Writing and Getting Published. I actually found that I have two copies of each book and thought that I should gift them to someone who needs them.

So if you comment on any of my posts this month I will count you in the "bowl" of names. And one lucky person will get both books. (They are kind of a set and really do go together.)

Other good news is my book Emergence might be out this month or the next. Stay tuned for all of the hullabaloo surounding the release.


Leslie Pugh said...

Happy, happy birthday! And congrats on your book coming out! I'm looking forward to reading it and getting to know you better!

Jewel Allen said...

Belated happy birthday, Michelle!! Congrats on your book coming out soon!!