Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wow . . .

. . . A new post, admit it you're surprised aren't you?

So am I.

I apologize, my family life has had some critical emergencies that demanded my time, and the anti muse (my one year old) is as busy and trouble making as ever. (He's trying to destroy the clothes drying rack as I type.)

Alot of things happening here in the household. Some awesome, some heartbreaking. But we're alive and well.

Ome critical thing i have learned lately in my writin is that distance is a good thing. In the midst of the crisis I put everything writing wise away and focused on my kid who needed help. Well today I came back and re-read some of it. Not only was it easier to add and cut some needed things but it felt "fresh" to me and i was able to not only see that I liked what I had been working on, but i could see where it needed help.

So if your feeling bored and tired of your WIP, maybe you should shelve it for a few weeks. IT worked for me.

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