Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wow. . .

So I've been looking around the internet for ideas for organizing and back to school prep. If I am to have any time writing this year I need to be organized. The anti muse demands most of my time so i need to take advantage of what little time he sleeps.

Well today my internet search has led me to lunch ideas. If the school lunches are too expensive this year I will be brown bagging it for the kids. Here's a few sites to get those creative juices flowing. Warning, these sites might make you feel like a bad mom. It did for me a little.

Here is a site that celebrates feeding kids in a creative way in a muffun tin. AMAZING!

Muffin tin Monday

This site had loads of bento boxes. So cool.

Bento boxes.

Last I found a blog i have been looking for for a long time A slow cooker a day blog.

Slow cooker

Have a good evening.

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