Saturday, October 10, 2009

A new feature on my blog. . . The Shattered Dreams Experiment

Two things have happened that have moved the fruition of my epithany. One, it's a writing challenge month, second, I now have two writers groups.

This means one thing.


Therefore I am announcing the plans that had me so excited last month. You my blog readers, (yes you, not the guy behind you) are going to help me write my new book. The idea started as a small idea niggling the back of my brain and as I was taking one of those humoungous long drives we do living out here in the boonies--I let that idea become a serious reality.

I am going to add a poll feature to the side bar below my butterfly and I am going to ask you the readers to help decide what's going to happen in this book. I will be posting some details of the book and be asking you readers what you think should happen in the story.

A little background on the story: Shattered Dreams
Anna is an abused wife stuck in an abusive marriage. Fate changes that one day and she is released from the Hell she called life. The story is of her life as she climbs out of the hole of her previous life.

I will be posting and asking your opinions on a regular basis. Hope you join in, I think this will be an amazing social experiment and those participating will be mentioned in a hopefully long acknowledgement page. :)


C. K. Bryant said...

You already know I'd love to help you when I can. Sounds like a cool idea. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Oh, just a thought. How do you know who has said yes on your pole? I'm the first comment, but you have 4 yes votes.

Anonymous said...

Count me as a possibility. I like the direction of your book. Been there, experienced that. Don't know if I am capable of thinking of it deeply enough to be of benefit to you but I can try. What I can contribute also depends on how swamped I end up being when my daughter has surgery.