Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something fun. . .

Okay, now for something completely diferent.

I have allways loved Asian things. Since I was little and had both a Japanese kimono and a satin shirt and pants from China. I love the look of Kanji, the clothes, art, gardens, and the martial arts. (I'm sure I left something out somewhere.)

Anyway, I am an orange belt in Tang Soo Do and am loving it. Since part of Tang is learning weapons, I have been looking at Katanas. Although my favorite weapon is the bo staff I love the idea of a good sword in my hand.

When I found this sword, I asked if I could have it for an early birthday present. I love the look of the Zatoichi Cane Sword and the Shirisaya. Without the bright colored laquer, hand guard, and wrapped handle.

Sooooo, I got it in the mail today and it is so cool! Now I can't wait to be a red belt! I'm taking it to class tonight.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

It sounds like so much fun, playing with swords and all :). I am interested in the online critique group you started. Please email me with the details.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you've got a blog award over at my place. Come and see!