Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Something bad???? teehee

Okay, I admit that this is a play on words, considering the title of my last post, but I couldn't resist.

Now that my #1 MS is being submitted and polished waiting for the big break. I have focused my attention on my second book to keep my brain in the writing world.

The problem is that as I have defined and refined the plot of the book I have come to the realization that I need to re-write the whole darn thing just as I finished the rough draft. Alot of it will be the same. The arc is basicallly the same, the begining middle end is the same, the characters are the same too but in deepening the plot and making it more apealing to the reader, I need to change it.

When I realized this the last time (for book #1) AFTER I had finished the MS polished it and actually submitted it I was literally sick to my stomach with the thought of basically chuicking that MS to start over.

SOOO. . . Here I am again at that same spot (with #2) knowing that the rewrite will only be better and stronger. But I hesitate it was good in the begining just not good enough.

Here's to new beginings.

If you guys are interested, here is the little blurb I created that turned my MS on it's ear. Enjoy.

Imagine an object as beautiful as it is addicting.
The last of its kind.
An object so powerful, yet so completely neutral.
In the right hands, its power is beautiful and good.
In the wrong hands. . .
An object created in the land of mystics, in desperation, left in the world of man.
Two men seek this object.
Neither knowing the immense effects their ownership could bring.
Valentines Day 2130, She is born.


Anonymous said...

Okay - now you know I love ya - but I gotta say:


You're also a little too addicted to that set of characters. I know the story, and to be honest, that new blurb doesn't sound like it has a thing to do with the story at hand.

You're first work is done - let it go! You need - for your own sake - to let that book be finished and work on something completely new.

If you keep redoing it over and over, it may very well end up like a painting where the artist worked it over so much that all the colors have blended together and all you can see is grey...

Pink Ink said...

I find that if I set aside something for a while and work on something new, I am re-energized to tackle my older project.

Good luck!