Sunday, November 9, 2008

To blog or not. . .

Okay, I was psyched and ready to write for Tristi's book in a month challenge. I sat at my lap top and tried to write. The wall however was too tall for me to climb.

My brain is fried. I had to remind myself that I did just write 70,000 words in four months. (Actually it is approximately 116,000 words since July.) My BFF reminded me that I was going to reward myself with a reading reward for finishing my novel. So, in response/reward I shut my word program down and have taken a break. However taking a break has meant that my writing brain which includes my Blogging brain is somewhere on some island sipping non-alcoholic margaritas. So in desperation I have tried to think about what I should blog and nothing amazing has popped into my brain.

Never fear my blog friends, I have been mulling book #2 over in my head; even though my writing brain is on vacation I guess my plotting brain missed the plane.

Perhaps I will have some amazing totals some time before Thanksgiving.


Pink Ink said...


Michelle, I think for you the word count goal is moot since you write so much already!

Josi said...

We all run into those walls. I've tried the novel in a month thing and it has never worked for me, I get so hung up on the deadline that my brain shuts down. I know it works great for other people, though. Good luck either way.

Rukia said...

hehhe.... that post was funny. LOL