Sunday, September 21, 2008

On canning. . .

DEe asked about canning and frankly untill this year I was a canophobe. I'd rather have suffered the humiliation of my husbands grandmother saying "Good heavens you don't can?" than touch a mason jar. Now I am excited about canning. These are the jars of Grape juice I did all by myself Saturday night.

So here it goes. With pictures of course. :)

K you need one small pan, a steam bath canner, a large pan for your fruit, jars, lids, rings, and at least a gripper tool to take the jars in and out of the pan. Fruit, sugar, lemon juice, and pectin.

So we picked and washed the peaches off the tree and placed them in the pan to parboil. It makes them easier to peel. Wash your bottles seals and rings in hot soapy water. At the same time fill your steam bath canner with water and place your bottles in it to warm up.

Then as your steambath canner is heating place your seals in the small pan with water and bring both to 180 degrees.

Peel pit and squish your peaches and place 4 cups of them in the other large pan. Add 7 1/2 cups of sugar if you want it to be really sweet. 1/4 cups of lemon juice and bring the peach mixture to a rolling boil. remove from heat add one package of pectin bring to a boil for one minute. (We used half the sugar for a less sweet taste.) It makes less jam but worth it for the taste I think.

Ladle the fruit mixture into the jars withiin 1/4 of the top clean the edge of the jar and place a hot seal on the bottle and then a ring tighten it and place the jar in the pan. when all of the jars are filled boil the jam for 15 minutes and remove the jars and leave them alone. The lids will "pop" as they seal.


Hope this makes sense, Enjoy.


DEe said...

I printed your blog to keep for directions. Thank you! Your pictures are cool. I do not have a canner, so I will need to buy one like that. Is it expensive? I like grape-juice. I will have to try canning it first. Do you do it the same as your peaches?

Thank you for coming to my blog. I like that header picture too. I've put a lot of pre-thought into what I wanted my blog to look like, and things to say on it. I enjoy organizing things. I hope it is okay. Come back whenever you want and say hi. I will say hi back. -DEe

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Actually with grape juice I wash the grapes steam them and then use a strainer to extract the juice from them. Then I fill the bottles, like I did with the peaches, and seal them and boil them for 15 minutes too.

My strainer is cool it is like a pan with holes on the bottom and a presser plate that you turn to squish the grapes into juice. (i actually bought it to make baby food years ago) I'll add a picture if I rememeber, if you can't get something like that, a regular strainer and something to push against it would do.

The steam bath canner, tool kit, bottles, and pectin were not expensive. And everything except the seals and the pectin you use again next year. It is an investment that is well worth it.

Pendragon Inman said...

"you are the queen!" of canning. HAHAHHA lol. Way to go girl. Canning can be a fun, yet sticky world. Laters

Tina Sims Gifford said...

Yeah, I think canning might just scare me more than sharks.