Thursday, July 10, 2008


So I joined the BIAM challenge and I was plowing through my first chapter I got 4000 words in a DAY! then I hit the second chapter and WHAM! I hit a wall.

My dilemma is this, in DD1 Noble has a spirit guide called a Tantra, this tantra is in the form of a talking cat. (think Salem in Sabrina the Teenage Witch) This Tantra named Quelix bothers Lyris it makes her irritated.

So now Lyris needs a spirit guide and I am stuck. Do I ponder and think about giving her a diferent type of spirit guide since she dosen't like Tantras, or do I erase the few lines about him irritating her in DD1 and give her a tantra of her own.

I am leaning toward editing the few lines out of DD1 and giving her her own tantra, I can see her tantra telling her that she is superior to Noble's tantra etc.


Pink Ink said...

Either way, sounds like you have a recipe for conflict.

Weston Elliott said...

it might be a good basis for a sub-plot conflict - two tantras who don't particularly like each other for two people who are married. It might also be interesting if Lyris has a spirit guide she herself doesn't particularly like. Hmmm... could go some interesting directions

Michelle said...

You guys are right the two tantras not liking each other will be a good thing. but I think Lyrs dislike of cats is enough conflict, I'd like LYr to like her tentra, now i just need to figure out WHAT her tantra is. :)

~paulette said...

holy cow, 4000 words in a day?!?
with how fast you type?

HAHAHA... just teasing
Love you and congrats
That must have felt exilerating (or however you spell that word)