Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Need that little nudge to make your book great?

I am happy to announce my newest project.

Metamorphosis Author Services

I've been toying with the idea for a little while now. But I am now getting requests to help authors with their plots and stories. I am now accepting clients for plot and story consulting as well as other services. If you want to see what I can do to help you e-mail me at

Services Available

Plot analysis and consult: $ 100.00 (aprox time, 3-5 hours)
This is where you send your synopsis and structure for your book to Mrs. Jefferies and she helps shape and mold the story into something great.

Whole Book Analysis: Starts at $ 300.00 (aprox. 15 hours)

Mrs. Jefferies takes a look at the whole book, including plot and character as well as subplots and gives you a more intense look at your work in progress. This is intended for finished manuscripts and an author who is willing to go back and revise and rewrite.

Author Mentoring: $ 100.00 for 4 weeks.

This opportunity is for writers to meet with Mrs. Jefferies in email, chat and live meeting where possible and work on perfecting your skills as an author especially dealing with plot and character arc.

6 Day Intensive Online Bootcamp: $ 200.00 This intensive online course takes you through 6 days of assignments and coaching from a Marine Corps Wife. Be prepared to drop and give her twenty pages.

Structure or Master Chapter Outline (SM) Online Class: $ 35.00 You receive a disk with the Power Point presentation, a recording of the class being presented, and the notes and worksheets included in the class.

The Writing Book: $ 5.00 The ultimate book for planning your novel. Especially once you learn Structure and Master Chapter Outline (SM).

Writers block attack: $ 10.00 for 30 minutes. Online or on the phone. I can brainstorm with you and get rid of the nasty block in no time.

Lunch with Michelle: $ 200.00 We eat, we plot, we analyze, we brainstorm and eat dessert.

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