Monday, September 10, 2012

again . . . .

I've promised myself many times in the last year to get caught up on my blog and stay that way. Yet, life seems to be so busy it flees my mind like summer is fading on us now.

I am one one month away from seeing my dream come true. The work I've been slaving over called Emergence will be out in October. In the time crunch before it's release I've been gathering reviewers, writing press releases planning launch parties and all sorts of other stuff.

To be honest If I'd known what I was in for at the begining of this madness I might not have been so enthusiastic to do it all. The list for my launch party is two pages long I have several articles I've read on self promotion. the corner of my office is full of door prizes table decorations and childens crafts for the launch. I'm so excited and yet terrified at the same time. What if no one buys it? Even worse? What if no one who buys it likes it?

Still there's this drive this force to have the story heard. To show readers my world. To bask in the lime light if only for a few hours at a launch or signing. To hold in my hands a book that I wrote, something amazing an special.

My name is Michelle and I am an author.

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Konstanz Silverbow said...

I know I will love it! And I really wish I could come to the launch party!

But I am more than glad to blog about it, post it on Facebook, Google+, Goodreads. . .etc

And if the book is even a fraction of how awesome you are, I know it will be INCREDIBLE!


Konstanz Silverbow